Before you waste your money joining a Cash Gifting Program, you should probably read this and save yourself a bunch of trouble!


I know that I’m probably gonna sound like a jerk when

I say this, but it’s the TRUTH and should know it right

now before you waste any more of your money trying

to promote some cheap imitation that’s NOT going to

put any money in your family’s pocket ...


READ -- MY -- LIPS ...

If you’re already in a cash gifting program that’s

NOT mine ... you’re never going to see any REAL

results and you’re probably already seeing that

you made a bad decision.

If you’re thinking about joining a cash gifting

program and you don’t join mine ...

You pretty much screwed yourself!



I became a professional cash gifter back in 1998.

At that particular time, to most people, Cash Gifting

was a game, but I saw it much differently.

I saw it as a way to show the world my comeback!

I was on welfare, sleeping on my mother-in-law’s

living room floor with my wife and my newborn son.

We had just got evicted ------------------- TWICE!

Most of you know my story already, so I won’t rehash

it here, but I was extremely motivated to never see

times like that again. So ...

When I came across “Cash Gifting”, I decided to be

different from everyone else who merely took it for

a game.

I got serious and I set out to build the greatest cash

gifting program that the world had ever seen!

I took things to a new level.

Now 19 years and multi-millions dollars later ...

I came. I saw. I conquered. And now a legion of unoriginal

COPYCATS try their best to steal a little piece of this huge

cash gifting market that I created.

I know it’s bold to say that I actually created this market,

but I’ll get to proving that later, because right now I want

to show you how you’re basically wasting your time trying

to compete against me if you’re in another cash gifting

program ...


Most of you probably don’t even know how popular cash

gifting really is. You probably just treat it as a game too,

but here’s some statistics ...

The search term “Cash Gifting” is typed into Google about

12,000 times EVERY MONTH! ------ and that’s just on Google!

If you’d like to see that’s it’s NOT bullshit, then go see for

yourself by using Google’s keyword search tool.

Type in cash gifting and see the traffic results.

Numbers don’t lie.

Add in the searches from YAHOO and BING and we’re probably

talking about over 50,000 searches monthly!

Cash Gifting is extremely popular and people are very interested in it!

And now since you know that ... think about this for a moment ...

Every time your prospects do a search on Google  for Cash Gifting,

I show up on the first page in the top ten results - 12,000 + times every


Every time your prospects do a search on Yahoo for Cash Gifting, I show

up on the first page in the top ten results -------------- IN 3 SPOTS!

Every time your prospects do a search on Bing for Cash Gifting, I show

up on the first page in the top ten results -------------- IN 3 SPOTS ...

... BACK-TO-BACK! ...

Now I’m sure you already know that it’s not easy to get on the first page

of a search engine for popular keyword terms, especially when you are

competing with 2,160,000 other webpages who are all talking about cash

gifting, i.e. - Google.

I’m also sure you already know that most people never look past the top

ten results, because they trust the top ten as being the best.

SOME people may go to page 3 and that’s it.

But wait ...

I’m also on page 2 of Google, Yahoo and Bing, so you still lose.

But wait again...

Forget about search engine rankings for a minute because Google

can switch something up on you in a second and you can lose all

your rankings overnight, so I did something else smart ...



HERE’S THE RUNDOWN: (first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing) (first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing)

(keyword typed into Google over 12,000 times monthly) (first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing)

(keyword typed into Google almost 2,000 times monthly) (first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing)

(keyword typed into Google almost 2,000 times monthly) (first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing) (first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing)

(keyword typed into Google over 2,400 times monthly)


“Cash Gifting Expert” wasn’t even an official search term until

I started calling myself “The Cash Gifting Expert” back in 2005.

No one else was even doing that!

Since all the other amateurs copy me and try to call themselves

“Cash Gifting Experts” as well - prospects see this and so now

people start searching for Cash Gifting Experts.

And when they do - who do you think they see in the # 1 spot on

the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing? ----------------- ME!

Thanks copycats for making this so popular!

When people need “cash gifting postcards”, they come to me:

(keyword typed into Google over 1,000 times monthly)

When people need leads for their cash gifting program,

they come to me:

(keyword typed into Google almost 1,000 times monthly)

The domains above receive huge “type-in traffic” due to

the popularity of cash gifting and people searching for info.

If you don’t know what type-in traffic is, let me explain ...

Sometimes people DON’T SEARCH GOOGLE or any

other search engine when they want something.

They will just type in the the keyword as a dot com just

to see what comes up, because they believe that the

best results will come from the owner of the top level

domain that uses the generic search term.

For instance ...

Information is a multi-billion dollar market.

There are a percentage of people who look for certain

books on a monthly basis, who simply type in

and guess who owns it?

I’ll save you the trouble ...


Now do you get it?

Do you know how many people just type in the domain and they are sent to my main


Do you know how many people just type in the domain and they are sent to my main


Do you know how many people just type in the domain and they are sent to my main


Do you know how many people just type in the domain and they are sent to my main


Do I really need to go on?

And when copycats use these keywords, they don’t even

realize that prospects began to search for these keywords

as a domain because THEY ARE LOOKING FOR THE


And guess who they find?



I own the coolest most memorable domains that

have high brandability, so my marketing beats

out everybody else.


I’ve been doing this for 19 years and have massive

documentation that proves long-term success and

a system that has gifted multi-millions of dollars to

participants all over the world.


Nobody wants to talk to you!

They want to talk to me, because I’m the guy who

actually did it.

You’re 19 years too late and have to build up some

credibility, but the problem is that YOU DON’T HAVE


You’re getting crushed in the meanwhile by me and

my team-mates because we’re everywhere and you

are not.

We have all the traffic and you don’t.

We have a system for massive money, but all you

did was join a cheap program, because it was less

to get started with.

We have lawyers behind our system ...

Offshore and onshore.


Are you getting the picture yet?


If you’re already in a gifting program or are thinking

about joining one - more than likely it’s one that has

copied from me and is a watered down imitation.

People trust me to join up and lay out almost $20,000

for my highest level, but they don’t trust your cheap


They want an original.

When people see my operation and then they see

yours - you look like an ant getting stomped on by

an 800 pound gorilla and they don’t want to get

slaughtered with you.

When they see you steal my newsletters and my

videos and try to pass them off as yours - you end

up looking like a desperate copycat and you send

me free traffic and bunches of enrollments, because

they want the original source.

When you lie and say you work with me and you

really don’t - that sends the message that obviously

you’re trying to attach yourself to me because I’m a

winner and that’s where they really wanna be, so they

call me instead.

You don’t do this full-time, so you’re viewed as an

amateur who still hasn’t made the cut and that’s

why you still work a job.

I’ve been doing this full-time for 19 years and have

made a multi-million dollar lifestyle from it, so I’m

viewed as “THE GUY” to join up with.

You know I could go on and on, but the bottom line

is this:


You’re really wasting your time by trying to promote

a smaller cash gifting program that’s run by a guy

who set up shop in his grandmother’s basement.

I just gave you some of the main reasons above why

it’s so hard for you to get enrollments for your program.

Trying to compete with me is like running up against

a brick wall and 40% of my enrollments are people

who left other cash gifting programs to join mine!

What does that tell you?

Listen ...

Don’t embarrass yourself.


Get serious and join my team, so you can finally

stop chasing people and start receiving some

boxes filled with cash.

It’s either that or keep explaining to everybody

around you why you still haven’t made a dime

in cash gifting yet.

It’s your choice, but look ...

Do yourself a favor and download this.

Read it over tonight and then call me if you’re inspired.

I’m helping part-timers pull in $8,000 to $30,000 in their

first month and then do $50,000 to over a $100,000 in a

3 to 4 month time period!

Q, The Cash Gifting Expert

1 (618) 355-1519


The TRUTH about Cash Gifting Programs ...

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